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Telluride, CO: Telluride Regional (TEX)

Flight Delay Summary
Based on 177 flights from 01/01/2010 to 12/31/2010
73% On Time
6% 5-20 min. Delay
7% >20 min. Delay
15% Cancelled/Diverted
Be Prepared For
(85th percentile)
or diverted
In Good Weather... 11 min. early on time 0%
In Bad Weather... 7 min. early 12 min. late 25%
In Snow... (57%) 6 min. early 12 min. late 26%

“Be Prepared For” gives the longest delay you can reasonably expect to occur. Only the unluckiest 15 percent of flights experience longer delays.

Current weather is and , % humidity, and miles visibility at TELLURIDE REGIONAL, US, CO as of .

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Averge Arrival
PHX (183 flights) 10 min. early

Best Days and Times to Fly from TEX
Holiday Delays at TEX

Averge Arrival
Be Prepared For
Most Days 10 min. early 5 min. late 15%