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Waterloo, IA: Waterloo Municipal (ALO)

Flight Delay Summary
Based on 108 flights from 01/01/2010 to 07/11/2010
79% On Time
7% 5-20 min. Delay
11% >20 min. Delay
3% Cancelled/Diverted
Be Prepared For
(85th percentile)
or diverted
In Good Weather... 9 min. early 2 min. late 2%
In Bad Weather... 6 min. early 32 min. late 4%
In Rain... (33%) 7 min. early 32 min. late 3%

“Be Prepared For” gives the longest delay you can reasonably expect to occur. Only the unluckiest 15 percent of flights experience longer delays.

Current weather is and , % humidity, and miles visibility at WATERLOO MUNICIPAL AP, US, IA as of .

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Averge Arrival
MSP (111 flights) 8 min. early

Best Days and Times to Fly from ALO
Holiday Delays at ALO

Averge Arrival
Be Prepared For
Most Days 8 min. early 11 min. late 3%